William Shakespeare's Whisky Liqueur

The recipe used harks back to Shakespeare's day when whisky was mixed with oranges and caramel. This gave the whisky a unique tangy flavour while retaining the smooth, silky taste of caramel.

The Liqueur is packaged in an antique type bottle similar to those used the sixteenth century. A copy of William Shakespeare's Last Will & Testament bearing his signature is wrapped around the bottle neck. On the reverse of the Will is an except from Macbeth. This, together with the authentic orange and whisky flavour of 20% alcohol by volume, provides a unique experience by capturing the spirit of Shakespeare's world.

William Shakespeare, when writing plays such as Macbeth, King Lear and Cymbeline, referred to historical texts, many of which detailed the usage of whisky and the effects that this potent drink can have. In Macbeth, known by Thespians as 'The Scottish Play,' the porter talks of the drink being the provoker of three things. Capturing the spirit of Shakespeare's world, this exquisite combination of whisky and orange and its stylish packaging is a new production receiving huge applause.

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