High Peak Liqueur

The recipe is based on a dish from the Peak District

of Derbyshire in England. The flavours are those used at the time that Blue John stone, featured on the label, was mined near Castleton in the High Peak area. High Peak Liqueur is packaged in a stunning cobalt blue frosted bottle and has an alcohol content of 20%. This, along with the mouth watering vanilla flavour, means that it is very smooth and light to drink.

The High Peak Liqueur label features the famous Blue John stone, a translucent semi-precious mineral banded in blue, red, purple and yellow. It was mined near Castleton in the Peak District, the only place in the world where Blue John stone can be found. Prized for ornaments and jewellery since Roman times, the stone has also been used more recently for decoration in Windsor Castle, the White House and the Vatican.

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