Ancient Mariner Rum

Rare Aged Navy Rum to celebrate The Diamond Jubilee

It was in 1970 that the last Royal Navy Rum Ration was issued. In 2011, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, a proposal was presented to create a Navy Rum that was as close as possible to the flavour and smoothness of the original.

To get the project going, a sample of the original Navy Rum was sourced. This was then matched with a selection of the finest, rare and exclusive single distillery rums from the Caribbean, until eventually one was found that faithfully replicated the aroma and taste of the original.

The rum used arrives in wooden casks from the Caroni Distillery on the island of Trinidad. Aged for 15 years, the dark, richly coloured rum is bottled at 54% Alcohol by Volume, straight from the cask. This means that you are getting the rum exactly as it is stored in wood at the distillery in the Caribbean.