Blackhammer Toffee Vodka 50cl 2 Bottle Multibuy

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Blackhammer Toffee Vodka 50cl - 100% grain vodka blended with caramel and vanilla. 20% Alcohol by Volume.

The Orkney Island of Rousay is home to many Neolithic cairns and burial chambers. One tomb above all symbolises the grandeur and power of their civilisation.

That tomb is;


The creators of this distinctive spirit were inspired to name it Blackhammer after a chance encounter with the 5,000-year-old chambered cairn on visiting Rousay by ocean-going yacht in 2015.

The impressive Neolithic tomb is one of 160 archaeological sites on the Island, leading to Rousay being known as 'The Egypt of the North'.

Blackhammer Toffee vodka brings you a glow like an Orkney sunset.

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