Looking for Show Distributors now for 2022

We sell our spirits and liqueurs direct to the public at consumer events-really a pop up shop. Looking for some more Show Distributors as one or tow have retired recently.

Here are some of the areas where we are looking for a new Distributor;

Cumbria and North West

North East


Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester


Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey

Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire



Background Information below;

Most of our Show Distributors Earn £5k to £10k per year by selling at public events. To achieve this level of income most of our Show Distributors will work two days per month.

Hebridean Liqueur Company sells liqueurs direct to the public via Show Distributors, all round Great Britain at consumer shows.

View our brands on our Website: www.hebridean-liqueurs.co.uk


The benefits of owning and running one of our Show Distributor businesses are:

Ø Pre-start meeting to discuss Show plans and experience the brands

Ø Steady, regular income from selling direct to consumers

Ø In business for yourself, but not by yourself – we help you to get started

  • Exclusive area with full training package carried out at a Show
  • Free Distributor Training Day including Accommodation, Dinner, Breakfast and refreshments – meet other Distributors and exchange sales ideas
  • Good margins – tasting stock supplied free so your margin is protected
  • No purchase or ongoing fees – all you pay for is the stock
  • Additional profitable mail order business – you can start this and we will help
  • Money back guarantee on unsold stock – you can get your money back at any time


What’s involved? No licence fees or ongoing marketing charges to pay.

The Show Distributor signs Licence to sell our Liqueurs in a specified area.

All the materials required to sell the Liqueurs at a show are supplied, free of charge:

o Graphics and marketing materials

o Sample glasses and sample bottles of all liqueurs

o Bags for the customers to take the liqueurs home in

o Branded clothing to establish a professional image


The Show Distributor chooses which shows to attend and pays for them and obtains a liquor licence as appropriate. We help with this and it is a straightforward process.

Orders stock from the Hebridean Liqueur Company to be delivered some days prior

to each show.

Depending on the size and number of shows the Show Distributor is attending, an outlay of £2,000 to £3,000 is required to get started and to keep trading.

All liqueurs are paid for prior to each show and are delivered to you free of charge.

We offer a full sale or return guarantee on all stock.


What type of person is a Show Distributor?

Perhaps between jobs, have some spare time, retired or semi-retired with a desire to do something fun to stay busy and earn some extra income.

The difference here is that as a Show Distributor, you have control over when you attend events – no-one else decides when you are to work.

Maybe working full time but looking for extra cash to make ends meet and able tospare one or two days a month at weekends.

Someone who is not working and wants independent income or perhaps saving for a new car or holiday.

Somebody who loves meeting people and attending Fetes/Craft Fares and getting paid for it.

Somebody who owns a business and has time for another business.


Occupations of our Show Distributors include Headmaster, Petrol station owner, Salesman, Computer analyst, Policeman, Business owner, Promotional staff company owner, Warehouse Manager

If you are interested please call 01436-679935 and ask for Roy Lewis, or send an Email to roylewis@hebridean-liqueurs.co.uk




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