Platinum Personal Trade Account – a new way to enjoy our liqueurs

Get discounted liqueurs by setting up a Trade account.

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As a result of our Online Survey, which is still running, many customers asked if there was a special discount structure available for larger liqueur orders.

In response, I have now created a new Platinum Personal Trade Account. To access the amazing discounts on your liqueurs, all you need to do is prepay for £500 worth of liqueurs and then order them up, as you need them. Each order must be for at least 12 x 50cl bottles or equivalent.

In addition to fantastic discounts on all your orders, you will also receive with each order, free of charge:

  • Baby Nutty Fruit Liqueur Cake with each order – these were very popular when I first started offering them 2 years ago and we have now placed another large order for Christmas sales – you get yours FREE – this is worth £6.50 per order.
  • Miniature Display Pack  – one of these comes with each order too, containing a miniature of The Original Lakeland Liqueur, Lord Nelson’s Spiced Rum Liqueur and Hebridean Whisky Liqueur. Ideal either as a wee gift for someone or as a treat for you. FREE with each order – worth £12.
  • FREE Delivery on all orders as standard


  • Special offers on our new brands and malt whiskies – from time to time, I have access to specialist whiskies that are not generally available in shops. As a Platinum Personal Trade Account holder, you will receive special notification of new stock becoming available and be the first to have the opportunity of buying these rare, collectible and very drinkable whiskies.

In return, instead of your £500 earning 0.5% in a bank account, you will earn up to 32 % discount on the Mail Order List Price of all our products. Fantastic!

All you need to do to set up an amount is to send us either a £500 deposit cheque, or pay by debit card – this means we can pass all the Trade discount on to you rather than pay a percentage the credit card companies.

Once your account is up and running, you can order what you wish with a minimum order of 12 x 50cl bottles. You will receive your order on the day you wish it to arrive. By post or email, a Statement your account showing what you have bought and how much is left in your Account.

I have a limited number of these Platinum Personal Trade Accounts available to get one now and save up to 32% on all your liqueur and whisky orders. Once you have sent in your payment, I will send you your Platinum Personal Trade Account price list and order form – then you can get going with your first order.

Here are some of our brands, the List Price and the Platinum Personal Trade Accounts prices you pay:

Description of brand                              List           Platinum          Discount            % Discount

The Original Lakeland Liqueur 50cl   £25               £17                        £8                        32%

Hebridean Whisky Liqueur 50cl         £25               £17                        £8                        32%

Nelson’s Spiced Rum Liqueur 50cl     £25               £17                        £8                        32%

Iron Duke Brandy Liqueur 50cl           £29               £20                        £9                        31%

Shakespeare’s Whisky Liqueur 50cl    £29               £20                        £9                        31%